Bioheat®: Fact or Fiction?

You’ve heard us talking about Bioheat quite a bit, but just how much do you know about the eco-friendly, renewable heating oil blend that’s fueling many homes across Upstate New York this winter? Take our Fact or Fiction quiz to find out.

Bioheat Is Safe


Unlike other heating fuels, Bioheat is a non-explosive fuel. In fact, it’s very difficult to even ignite. Plus, should your heating system malfunction for any reason, Bioheat will produce detectable odors and smoke to alert you of a problem. It’s a safe option for any home or business.

Bioheat May Harm Your Heating Oil Equipment


Bioheat has been tested by major equipment manufacturers to ensure the fuel can be supported with their equipment. In addition, the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) carried out their own evaluation and concluded that there is no adverse effect with the current blend guidelines.

Bioheat Is Expensive


Bioheat costs are similar to traditional home heating oil costs. What’s more, Bioheat helps your system to operate more efficiently, which in turn can save you money on your home heating bills. As a New York resident, you can also benefit from state tax credits when you fuel your home with Bioheat.

Bioheat Is Produced Domestically


Bioheat is made from agricultural and recycled resources that are sourced right here in the U.S., allowing us to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. It has also created thousands of production jobs for Americans across the country. And because the oil heat industry is focused on continuing to produce eco-friendly fuels, job growth in both production and other related industry sectors will only continue. 

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