Oil Heat Versatility

Oil heat consumers have an advantage when it comes to the opportunity to choose which company delivers your fuel, how and when you pay for it, and the type of equipment you install in your home. As the heating oil industry has evolved over the years, technology has made it possible for fuel providers to adapt and offer more options for consumers.

Benefits of Heating with Oil

From automatic fuel delivery calculations to online oil ordering and payments, these energy providers are offering more resources for your convenience. Another benefit for homeowners using heating oil for their primary fuel source is that achieving higher efficiencies without converting to a new energy source is simple. Upgrading to new, energy-saving heating equipment can reduce your annual heating costs by up to 30%, and this cost is significantly less expensive than switching fuels and adding the new equipment that comes with it. Updated oil heating systems can achieve annual fuel utilization efficiencies (AFUEs) of up to 90%, and new options for energy-saving equipment are always on the rise.

Heating oil is 95% cleaner today than it was half a century ago.

Oil heat is 95% cleaner than half a century ago.With drastically reduced sulfur content as well as greener alternative options like Bioheat®, the fuel has adapted over time to power all types of advanced, high-quality equipment efficiently.