Reasons to Sign Up for Automatic Delivery This Fall

Autumn has arrived in upstate NY, which means homeowners are gearing up for another Northeast winter. Now is right time to prep your home before temperatures really start to drop. Most pre-heating season to-do lists include sealing up drafts, unpacking cold weather clothes, and scheduling an annual heating system tune-up. But what if we told you that signing up for automatic delivery should be first on the list?

Heating oil customers that enroll in automatic delivery enjoy total convenience all season long. In just one easy step, you can take care of your heating oil deliveries for the entire winter. Simply sign up with your local heating oil delivery provider and leave the rest to the experts!

How Does It Work?

Most energy providers use degree day meters to track outdoor temperatures daily. This data, along with your historical fuel usage, is used to effectively estimate when it’s time to fill your oil tank. Energy providers will also take into account household size, property type, and personal heating preference to create a customized delivery schedule.

Reasons to Sign Up

  1. Less Hassle

Forget the stress of placing heating oil orders and arranging deliveries around your busy schedule. Your NY energy supplier will use their monitoring techniques to anticipate when you’ll need your next heating oil delivery.

  1. Greater Piece of Mind

Signing up for automatic delivery is the best way to prevent a no-fuel emergency. Running out of heating oil can cause costly damage and unnecessary safety hazards. With your heating oil provider monitoring your tank level, the likelihood of a no-fuel scenario significantly decreases.*

  1. Smarter Spending

Make the most of your heating budget. By tracking your heating oil usage and weather conditions, your heating oil deliveries will fill your tank as efficiently as possible, which can translate into lower heating costs.

  1. Improved Efficiency

However you slice it, automatic delivery is all about efficiency. Your heating provider will fill your oil tank as efficiently as possible and managing your home comfort service is even more efficient too. It’s a win-win!

Contact your local heating provider to sign up for automatic delivery before winter is here to stay!

*Safety Reminder: Automatic delivery customers should periodically check their tank fuel gauge as an additional safety precaution. Any cause for an increase in fuel usage (like additional household members) should be shared with your energy provider.

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