Oil Heat Environmental Benefits

The heating oil industry has cut its total greenhouse gas emissions by about 33% over the last four decades. Other fuels high in methane—a greenhouse gas which is approximately 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide—are harming our environment, while declining emissions from home heating oil are helping to reduce our footprint. In addition, there are heating oil tank protection options which can help detect corrosion inside oil tanks and proactively replace the equipment before it poses a problem for your property. By reducing the risk of oil leaks, the industry not only protects your home but also protects the earth beneath it.

Cleaner, Greener Energy in New York

The fuel is becoming cleaner each year, and the industry contributes to alternative solutions like Bioheat®, which combines renewable elements with already-clean home heating oil to promote a fuel for the future. As a greener fuel option, Bioheat is becoming more widely used by dealers throughout New York and nationwide.

Bioheat Fuel

Biofuel options like Bioheat® significantly reduce sulfur oxide, carcinogens, and carbon dioxide to better protect your family and the environment.

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